Direct Mail Campaigns

Why should your dental practice consider direct mailings? Isn’t sending an email enough? The fact is, direct mailing strategies work. They don’t disappear into spam folders to vanish after 30 days. Your clients will hold these in their hands, and give you a chance to make excellent first impressions. With our custom options, we ensure your direct mailings have personality! The team at Dentistry Postcards has worked with some of the largest DSO, HVAC, and real estate companies in the nation, and we currently serve over 3,000 dental practices. We’d like to help your office too!

The Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Our custom postcards are personalized for your office, and each one is an opportunity to build a connection with a potential patient and their family. Our full-service print shop employs a skilled graphics team who not only know how to create an eye-catching image, but who can speak dentist too. We’re dedicated to our clients and are always quick to respond, providing quality materials that look great and reflect your dental practice’s unique vision.

Our Postcards

One of our more popular direct mailing options is the postcard. You have a two-sided mailer that showcases gorgeous graphics and images of your practice, with plenty of room for you to talk about your treatment options, special offers, and more. We can work with you to choose between details like glossy or matte finishes. We then deliver the latest info from your practice direct to local hands.

Our Subscription Model

12-month Direct Mailer Campaign

With our 12-Month Direct Mailer Campaign, we will target a specific area in a radius or zip code each month, driving new and existing traffic to your office. This includes a minimum of 1,000 direct mailers, and we provide a Design and Demo Report each month to keep you updated on our progress. Be sure to call or email us regarding discounts with this option!

Quarterly Direct Mailer Campaign

With our Quarterly Direct Mailer Program, we will focus on a specific radius or zip code area. We will drive new and existing traffic with a minimum of 2,000 direct mailers. Each month we will provide a Design and Demo Report as we hit your target area on a consistent basis. You may be able to take advantage of special discounts with this program, so give us a call or email.

New Mover Mailer Program

Our New Mover Mailer Program targets families moving into your area each month. We will reach out to this demographic with 500 direct mailers each month, and you will receive a monthly Design and Demo Report on our progress. If we don’t hit 500 mailers in a month, then the remaining amount will roll over into the next month. You may be able to receive special discounts with this program, so give us a call or send an email to learn more.

Talk To Our Team About Custom Direct Mailings!

We want to help you stay connected with your patients so you can help them with their oral health needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of direct mail experts understands how to help dentists with our postcards, catalogs, and brochures and more. Contact Dentistry Postcards at (214) 307-2515 or by emailing [email protected].