How do I choose where to send my direct mailers?

We will help you with that! Our team will help you choose the best areas and demographics to target, and then send your direct mailings to them based on a specific radius area or a zip code. We will take your dental services into account and help choose the most appropriate audience for your materials.

Do I need to send these to the same people again?

Yes! The goal of these mailers is not only to attract new patients, but to keep your office fresh in the minds of current ones. Contacting them at least three times annually with eye-catching postcards helps you become a familiar face, and reminds them that they need to schedule an appointment.

How often do I need to send these materials?

We know that every dentist office is unique, focusing on specific treatments and procedures. We’ll keep the distinctive aspects of your practice in mind when we help you plan your campaign. When we strategize together, we will choose the best times to send out these custom materials.

How much does shipping these postcards cost?

We take a turnkey approach to direct mail marketing, which means a lower cost than first-class postage, so you can enjoy a cost-effective way to connect with patients old and new. A turnkey approach combined with bulk production of your postcards means greater efficiency!

What do you mean by a “turnkey” approach?

Basically, this means from start to finish our team of talented and out-of-the-box thinkers will create a plan to implement a seamless marketing strategy. We will help pinpoint your client base, design and send your custom direct mailers, measure your ROI with monthly reports, and of course, always be there for your questions or concerns.

Do I need to have my own design ready?

No, we can handle that part. Our team of talented graphic designers will craft custom mailings that feature your practice and reflect your vision and voice. We will use your input and our expertise to create mailers with personality.

Is direct mailing an effective marketing strategy?

Yes! Even in the days of online marketing and social media, a direct mail strategy that targets specific households or neighborhoods can help you reach new potential clients, stay connected with current ones, and help your dental practice grow and thrive!

We’re Ready to Answer Your Direct Mailing Questions

Do you have any questions we didn’t address? Then talk to our team today! Our team of direct mail experts provide dentists with personalized postcards, catalogs, brochures and more. Contact Dentistry Postcards at (214) 307-2515 or by emailing [email protected].